Aqua-magic System

Independent ready-to-use drip kit. It includes timer, photovoltaic panel and built-in pump to draw water from a tank, filter and deliver it to 20 drippers. Inspectable filter for easy cleaning. The photovoltaic panel absorbs the light energy and turns it into electrical energy which is accumulated in 2 rechargeable AA 1.2V NiMH 1800mAh batteries (not included). A specific led reports the battery level. 54 possible irrigation solutions, which can be set with just 2 rotating knobs: one with the frequencies (between 1 and 7 days), the other with the amount of water that you wish to deliver with each dripper (between 40ml and 200ml). Optional manual irrigation: 100ml per dripper (the programme remains stored). It can be used with any tank. The kit contains: 1 solar timer-pump, 1 anti-siphon flow blocking valve at the end of irrigation, 1/4” suction filter, 1 bracket with screws and plugs for wall-mounting, 20 self-regulating drippers, 20m of 1/4” (4 - 6 mm) feeding tube, 20 support stakes 1/4", 5 1/4” 3-way couplings, 6 hole plugs.